Rabu, April 27

Delta Force: Xtreme

Delta Force: Xtreme (c) Nova Logic
Game Genre : Shooters

Game Notes:

       Over 40 Missions to Test Your CQB (Close Quarter Battles) and Long
       Range Engagement Skills

        As a member of the elite Delta Force re-deploy in over 20
        graphically enhanced single player missions – the best of the
        best from the original game

        NEW CONTENT! In the form of new challenging missions created
        especially for Delta Force One: Next-Gen.

        CO-OPERATIVE MISSIONS! Over 20 CO-OPERATIVE levels for you to
        team up with your squad and kick butt in!

       Over 20 Multiplayer Levels Including:

        Multiplayer Game Types: Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Team King
        of the Hill, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag
        Up to 32 player games via the Internet on NovaWorld

        NEW FEATURE! STAT tracking - you can see how good you are
        compared to every other Delta Force Operative out there and
        watch your rankings climb as your skills improve
        Cheater Crackdown - giving gamers a level battlefield, the new
        engine allows for cheaters to be more easily tracked and banned
        which creates a more stable gaming environment to do battle in

       Graphics and Assets Overhaul

        More realistic and interactive gaming environment with terrains
        and objects updated with the latest NovaLogic graphics engine

        NEW WEATHER EFFECTS including snow and rain

        Install Notes (Please follow these instructions IN ORDER)

       1. Enter one of the following cdkeys when prompted:

       2. Don't add your cdkey to your Nova Logic account obviously.
          Buy the game if you want to play online.

          Use the automatic game update tool at your own risk :)

       3. Play!
Download Game

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